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I have Array Which have many of id ; I havr Also 1 button in iphone.The id is pass dynamicaly to his pagewhen clicking thebutton metod.

    getiddictonary=[[NSDictionary alloc]initWithObjects:removeidarray forKeys:renamearray];   
    dictonarystring=[getiddictonary valueForKey:[renamearray objectAtIndex:0]];
    NSLog(@" Dictionary -- %@",[getiddictonary valueForKey:[renamearray objectAtIndex:0]]);
    [mc searchphoto:--here pass id which view is press--- selector:@selector(didfindphoto:)];

in remove 3 id has many id and renamearray havec 3 name.and also i have 3 views so when click second view then second no of id should pass but all time i got third no of id. so what can coding so that id should be daynamicaly chose same as view

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