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I was wondering if somebody would be able to tell me what the following numbers mean after I decrypt the file. I am having corrupted file issues and I am trying to figure out where the corruption is occuring so I can try to fix it in the future.

The numbers in question are in between asterisks in the code below:

/ttf37 141 Tf
0.000 0.000 0.000 sc
1 0 0 1 **1980.000000 12593.000000** Tm
(8953 - 18) Tj
720 12518 m
1875 12518 l
1875 12308 l
720 12308 l
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Have a look at the PDF Reference 1.7, in particular Table 5.5, on page 406, for the definition of the Tm (standing for Transformation matrix) operator.

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As @Alex Pigeon said, Tm specifies a transformation matrix that will be applied to all following operators. A transformation matrix can be used for rotation, translation, scaling etc. of graphic operations, and it can be combined with previous transformations.

You can also use the term Affine Transform for more details on this besides the PDF spec.

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