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I am trying to make a button with click function to run my jquery:

Function tester(){alert("test")}

My raw html button code is:

<button class="t1" id="52" onClick="tester()">sometext</button>

But i want to make the button using just jquery code...

How can I make this button with jquery?

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by make you're asking about how can create the button in runtime? or how can you handle the event in jquery? –  Jorge Jun 27 '12 at 13:44

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You can use append() function

have a div

<div id="buttonholder"> </div>

jQuery :

$('#buttonholder').append('<button class="t1" id="52" onClick="tester()">sometext</button>');


$('<button class="t1" id="52" onClick="tester()">sometext</button>').appendTo('#buttonholder');


Function .. f should be small

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