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I have this dtd:

<!ELEMENT db (obj, prop*)>
<!ELEMENT obj (obj*)>
<!ATTLIST prop

I need to write a xPath, which return all "prop"s, where "objs" contains of "obj"s with children. For example:

    <obj id="a007">
    <obj id="a008"> </obj>
        <obj id="a009">
            <obj id="a011"> </obj>
    <obj id="a011"> </obj>
    <prop objs="a007 a011">
    <prop objs="a007">
    <prop objs="a009 a007">

a want it return second and third.

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Try the path /db/prop[not(id(@objs)[not(obj)])], it selects those prop element child nodes of the db root element where id(@objs) does not find an element not having an obj child.

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This works. Thank you!!! –  Michael Jun 27 '12 at 15:19
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