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I'm using freopen for a GUI application using my shared library such that I can redirect debug msgs from stdout to a file

I have been using code based on a snippet from the C++ reference site:

/* freopen example: redirecting stdout */
#include <stdio.h>

int main ()
  freopen ("myfile.txt","w",stdout);
  printf ("This sentence is redirected to a file.");
  fclose (stdout);
  return 0;

This redirects stdout to myfile.txt and finally closes stdout

Is there a way to redirect to a file then effectively remove the redirection such that stdout then prints to screen as usual rather than closing it with fclose?

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No, not in pure C. If you can assume a specific system (e.g. POSIX) there probably are options.

But frankly, freopen is IMO a hack, only needed to be compatible with prewritten code. If you're writing new code you should instead pass the FILE * to the relevant functions and use fprintf instead of printf.

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I haven't done it before, but try using dup to make a new file descriptor that is a copy of stdout before freopen, then later use dup2 to copy the properties of that new descriptor back to stdout.

This is assuming your system even has dup. Let me know if it works!

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This will return stdout to the display (the default stdout):

freopen( "CON", "w", stdout );

taken from here:

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