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Hmm. Instead of "defanging" input or using some kind of regex to remove tags, how safe is it to dump user stuff into a <textarea>?

For example, say there's a PHP page that does the following:

echo '<textarea>';
echo $_GET['whuh_you_say'] ;
echo '</textarea>';

Normally this is vulnerable to xss attacks, but in the textarea, all script tags will just show up as <script> and they won't be executed.

Is this unsafe?

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  <script type="text/javascript">
    alert("this safe...");
    /* load malicious c0dez! */
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yea i just thought of that. ho ho ho. thanks –  bobobobo Jul 14 '09 at 0:41
if you were always going to use textarea...you could develop a simple regex pattern to ONLY remove textarea etc from the string to prevent the above attack...and let the textarea itself take care of the rest –  davidsleeps Jul 14 '09 at 0:47
+1 beat me to it - @davidsleeps - while that may be true, the best way to deal with this is whitelisting only the tags you need, and making sure you are sanitizing any output generated by a user's input –  John Rasch Jul 14 '09 at 0:50
It wouldn't necessarily be simple. What if I put </text</textarea>area>. It still needs to be thought through. –  Ian Elliott Jul 14 '09 at 0:50
You should be using htmlspecialshars() anyway, even if you're putting it inside a <textarea> –  Josh Jul 14 '09 at 13:02


Is wonderful! Honest!

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It was broken in some versions of PHP, though. derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/securityfocus/bugtraq/2004-07/… –  ceejayoz Jul 14 '09 at 2:50
+1 for the honesty! –  Shoan Jul 14 '09 at 10:29
Don't use it on text - you'll get invalid entities. Use htmlspecialchars() instead (as a bonus, it won't destroy innocent text like "1<2") –  porneL Jul 14 '09 at 19:02

If your users aren't supposed to be using any HTML tags whatsoever (which if you're proposing this textarea solution, that's the case), just run it through htmlspecialchars() or htmlentities() and be done with it. Guaranteed safety.

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This talks about an XSS hole found in textarea's in google documents (I think the post is a little old - so google have probably secured it by now), but it deomstrates how textareas can be used as an attack vector.

ha.ckers.org discussing google docs textarea exploit

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Good enough for the basics:

sanitized = str_replace("<", "&lt;", $_GET['whuh_you_say']);
sanitized = str_replace(">", "&gt;", sanitized);
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Or you could just use htmlentities(). –  Frank Farmer Jul 14 '09 at 2:07

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