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In my manifest I have:


How do I get the label element? Note: My code is running inside of someone else's, so I don't have access to @string/app_name.

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There's an easier way than the other answers that doesn't require you to name the resource explicitly or worry about exceptions with package names.

Just do:

public static String getApplicationName(Context context) {
    int stringId = context.getApplicationInfo().labelRes;
    return context.getString(stringId);

Hope this helps.

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This works fine, as long as you really use a label in android:name. If you hardcoded a string, then it fails. – Snicolas Aug 29 '13 at 15:20
True but the app name is typically specified via a string resource of course. A hard-wired string is flagged by lint and not advised. – darrenp Sep 4 '13 at 18:30
Just beware that it will throw android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException if the string is not found – zenocon Jan 17 '14 at 15:46

If not mentioned in the strings.xml/hardcoded in AndroidManifest.xml for whatever reason like android:label="MyApp" Otherwise darrenp's solution will work fine.

public String getAppLable(Context pContext) {
    PackageManager lPackageManager = pContext.getPackageManager();
    ApplicationInfo lApplicationInfo = null;
    try {
        lApplicationInfo = lPackageManager.getApplicationInfo(pContext.getApplicationInfo().packageName, 0);
    } catch (final NameNotFoundException e) {
    return (String) (lApplicationInfo != null ? lPackageManager.getApplicationLabel(lApplicationInfo) : "Unknown");

Or if you know the String resource ID then you can directly get it via

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public static String getApplicationName(Context context) {
    return context.getApplicationInfo().loadLabel(context.getPackageManager());
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This works! Thanks! :) – Sheikh Aman Sep 4 at 19:44

If you know Package name then Use following snippet

ApplicationInfo ai;
try {
    ai = pm.getApplicationInfo(packageName, 0);
} catch (final NameNotFoundException e) {
    ai = null;
final String applicationName = (String) (ai != null ? pm.getApplicationLabel(ai) : "(unknown)");
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What is pm here? – Rishabh Tayal Feb 7 '13 at 22:18
@RishabhTayal pm denotes PackageManager object. – Vipul Shah Feb 8 '13 at 9:47
@VipulShah i m getting unknown every time – nida Feb 12 at 16:15

Get Appliction Name Using RunningAppProcessInfo as:

ActivityManager am = (ActivityManager)this.getSystemService(ACTIVITY_SERVICE);
List l = am.getRunningAppProcesses();
Iterator i = l.iterator();
PackageManager pm = this.getPackageManager();
while(i.hasNext()) {
  ActivityManager.RunningAppProcessInfo info = (ActivityManager.RunningAppProcessInfo)(;
  try {
    CharSequence c = pm.getApplicationLabel(pm.getApplicationInfo(info.processName, PackageManager.GET_META_DATA));
    Log.w("LABEL", c.toString());
  }catch(Exception e) {
    //Name Not FOund Exception
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Have you tried using the PackageManager#getActivityInfo() method? There will be a field that should contain the name of the application.

See the answer to a very similar question here.

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If you need only the application name, not the package name, then just write this code.

 String app_name = packageInfo.applicationInfo.loadLabel(getPackageManager()).toString();
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From any Context use:

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