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I'm trying to create a mirror of specific moderator pages (i.e. restricted) of a subreddit on my own server, for transparency purposes. Unfortunately my python-fu is weak and after struggling a bit with the reddit API, its python wrapper and even some answers in here, I'm no closer to having a working solution.

So what I need to do is login to reddit with a specific user, access a moderator only page and copy its html to a file on my own server for others to access

The problem I'm running into is that the API and its wrapper is not very well documented so I haven't found if there's a way to retrieve a reddit page after logging in. If I can do that, then I could theoretically copy the result to a simple html page on my server.

When trying to do it outside the python API, I can't figure out how to use the built-in modules of python to login and then read a restricted page.

Any help appreciated.

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I don't use PRAW so I'm not sure about that, but if I were to do what you wanted to do, I'd do something like: login, save the modhash, grab the HTML from the url of the place you want to go:

It also looks like it's missing some CSS or something when I save it, but it's recognizable enough as it is. You'll need the requests module, along with pprint and json

import requests, json
from pprint import pprint as pp2

def login(username, password):
    """logs into reddit, saves cookie"""

    print 'begin log in'
    #username and password
    UP = {'user': username, 'passwd': password, 'api_type': 'json',}
    headers = {'user-agent': '/u/STACKOVERFLOW\'s API python bot', }

    #POST with user/pwd
    client = requests.session()
    r = client.post('http://www.reddit.com/api/login', data=UP)

    #if you want to see what you've got so far
    #print r.text
    #print r.cookies

    #gets and saves the modhash
    j = json.loads(r.text)
    client.modhash = j['json']['data']['modhash']
    print '{USER}\'s modhash is: {mh}'.format(USER=username, mh=client.modhash)


    return client

client = login(USER, PASSWORD)

#mod mail url
url = r'http://www.reddit.com/r/mod/about/message/inbox/'
r = client.get(url)

#here's the HTML of the page
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Thanks a lot for this. I just had to end it with pp2(r.text, open("path/to/local/file","w")) to write the results –  Db0 Jun 27 '12 at 16:19
Happy to help! Don't forget to accept the answer if it worked out for you –  TankorSmash Jun 27 '12 at 17:01

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