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I have a graph control (that provides canvas to draw nodes and edges) that gives me following properties (non dependency properties)

  1. CurrentItem (that contains a single node selected or the last node selected in case of multi selection).
  2. Selection.SelectedNodes (that contains all the selected nodes)

And an Event called CurrentItemChanged.

I want to bind the Selection.SelectedNodes to an ObservableCollection of the ViewModel and also the CurrentItem to SelectedEntity property on the ViewModel. Since this is a third party, I won't be able to make change in the source code of the graphControl.

Can I write another class and an attached property in it to achieve this? If yes, how to write the property/behaviour (pointers, examples)? Can someone please guide me how to wrap non-dependency, clumsy POCO into binded dependency/attached properties? Thanks for having read this.


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Whow!! No reply in two days! –  James Jun 29 '12 at 10:58
Not sure what you are trying to do and why you cannot do so just binding from your view model to your view. Can you post a bit of code, or at least psuedo code, from each? –  Berryl Jul 5 '12 at 13:18

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