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Per business requirements I need provide possibility to copy content of some file on GridFS. Of course it can be done over domain-specific layer. But in this case I can see some overhead:

  • take stream from mongo-server
  • allocate memory on business-layer
  • read
  • place back to mongo-server

Obvious solution is write mongo-side JavaScript that will perform copying in bound of single server. So my questions:

  • Where is the description of API to manage GridFS on JavaScript?
  • Is there any issues if my GridFS is sharded?
  • Is there any issues if my GridFS is replicated?

Thank you in advance

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You never need to copy a GridFS file within a single server, because GridFS files are immutable: you can create, read, or delete them, but not modify them. So there's no reason to make a copy.

Copying from one server to another should be done via a driver; there's no built-in support for copying directly from a MongoDB server to another.

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Unfortunately I need make copy. Per business rule each file is associated as 1:1 with some entry in another collection. Removing records from collection must cause removing the file. From this requirement growth my question about copying. – Dewfy Jun 28 '12 at 8:02
This could be done without copying using reference counting. – Frederick Roth Jun 28 '12 at 15:23

The 'normal' js driver does not support GridFS.

You could do it in Node.js. The documentation is here:

For replica-sets the documentation can be found here for Node.js:

For simple one-time copying of some files you can use mongofiles on command line (using a temporary file :( ) :

mongofiles --host HOST get currentfilename
mongofiles --host HOST put -l currentfilename newfilename
rm currentfilename

I however don't know how well mongofiles works with sharding and replicas but I would expect it to work.

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you don't get the problem - I don't need JS driver. Driver works on consumer side (saying Java or C++). But there is layer on mongo-side were programmer can place scripts to manage database. Good example mapReduce routines - they are executed at mongo side. So i'm looking for API that can help me avoid overhead with driver (see my pre-requirements). That is why Node.JS is not an answer at all. – Dewfy Jun 27 '12 at 20:50
gridfs_session = gridfs.GridFS(mongo.session)
out_file = gridfs_session.get(file_id)
new_copy = gridfs_session.put(out_file, content_type=out_file.content_type)
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