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I was planning the following setup:

  • A proxy service in WSO2 ESB that interacts with a backend service via JMS.
  • Proxy service clients connects to the WSO2 ESB using https with mutual authentication.
  • Within the proxy service mediators, information from the client's certificate are needed.

Is there some way the client certificate could be made available to mediators?

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You do not need to provide client certificates provided at mediator level. Medeators are put together in a pipes & filter chain, and it is the endpoint at the end that connects to the back-end and it is at the endpoint level, you have to secure it. The blog post on How to invoke secured backend service using WSO2 ESB shows how to ahcive this.

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First you have to enable mutual authentication in WSO2 ESB.If you do not know how to do that please refer Enable Mutual SSL for Proxy services in WSO2ESB.Then refer following block post to know how to get client's certificate in class mediator

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