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I have a property that RaisePropertyChanged(PropName, oldValue, true, true) when I don't have any connection to the internet no more but it throws the exception that I'm on the wrong thread. So I want to update the property form my ViewModel but how do I get the current thread in my ViewModel or what is you proposal for a solution?

My ViewModel-ctor

public MyViewModel()
   NetworkInformation.NetworkStatusChanged += OnNetworkStatusChangedHandler;

NetworkChanged-callback method

   private async void OnNetworkStatusChangedHandler(object sender)
       ConnectionProfile profile = NetworkInformation.GetInternetConnectionProfile();

       if (profile == null)
          IsRefreshEnabled = false;
          IsRefreshEnabled = true;


My Property

public const string IsRefreshEnabledPropertyName = "IsRefreshEnabled";
        private bool _isRefreshEnabled = true;
        public bool IsRefreshEnabled
            get { return _isRefreshEnabled; }

                if (_isRefreshEnabled == value) { return; }

                var oldValue = _isRefreshEnabled;
                _isRefreshEnabled = value;
                RaisePropertyChanged(IsRefreshEnabledPropertyName, oldValue, value, true);

Thanks in advance!

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You need to replace the RaisePropertyChanged call to:

await Dispatcher.RunAsync(DispatcherPriority.Normal, (){RaisePropertyChanged(IsRefreshEnabledPropertyName, oldValue, value, true)});  

That will cause the call to RaisePropertyChanged to run on the UI thread.

I'm assuming that your class derives from a Xaml control (to access the Dispatcher property on the control).

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I think its bad to put Dispatcher.RunAsync in the setter of a property as it will run also when the property is changed in the UI thread. Its better to change the property in RunAsync. This way the method is only called when it's needed... –  Rico Suter Jun 28 '12 at 23:13
A totally fair comment and an excellent suggestion. –  Larry Osterman Jun 29 '12 at 0:11
How can you implement this to an observablecollection? –  Lawrence A. Contreras Jul 18 '13 at 12:54

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