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I am trying to display my loader-dialog in a thread because when I start the upload system of my files I can't see the window until the processing is finished.

I tried something like this:


but it didn't work.

There is a special way to run a new window in a thread?

Everything is done with Python and PyGtk

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Have you initialized threads for Gtk? This be of some help – another.anon.coward Jul 3 '12 at 17:40

When you say self.display_thread(), that will actually call the display_thread function right there, and pass its return value as the first argument to thread.start_new_thread. That's probably not what you intended.

That said, I think you're better off doing it the other way around; let the main thread own the UI, and do the loading off in a thread.

Remember that GTK+ is not very thread-safe, it's absolutely best to do all interaction with GTK+ from a single thread.

UPDATE: Actually, the above is perhaps over-simplifying a bit, it's the "common truth" as I've understood it (I've been using GTK+ for ~15 years but seldom with threads). This article re-states it in a more forgiving way, not sure if it really makes life that much easier in this case, though. I wanted to mention in for completeness' sake.

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what I want to do is to display my loader in a new thread, what the "display_loader()" does is: loader.show() Maybe I can try to run the uploader file in a thread and communicate with the loader every time I finished the upload. What I want to do is a loader that tell you "I am uploading 1 of 10 files" and update this text each time I finished to upload a file – max246 Jun 28 '12 at 10:51

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