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I have an array that looks like that in a PHP page:

$page["1"] = array("element1","element2","element3","element4");
$page["2"] = array("element1","element2","element3","element4");
$page["3"] = array("element1","element2","element3","element4");

I need to retrieve some data from this array in a JAVASCRIPT file (JQUERY).

How can I import for example the elements4 $page[1][3],$page[2][3],$page[3][3] ?

I have seen many examples here with JSON but not like this one...

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Technically, although not good practice you could set the Javascript array e.g. var myArray = <php> code in your script. However, I would recommend writing a server-side request that you can call in JavaScript with XHR / AJAX – pixelbobby Jun 27 '12 at 15:29

May be this can help you(Filename: getdata.php):

$page = array(

echo json_encode($page);
  <script src=""></script>
 <button class="getdata" >Get Data</button><div class="jsdata"></div>

            var res = eval("("+data+")");
            $('.jsdata').html("$page[1][3],$page[2][3],$page[3][3] respectively:"+res[0][3]+","+res[1][3]+","+res[2][3]);
<? } ?>
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