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I have this line:

@users = database['users'].find(:all).limit(10)

it returns this object:

<Mongo::Cursor:0x8759a858 namespace='app-development.users' @selector=:all @cursor_id=>

and what I thought was that it has a collection of the 10 users it got from the database. Is that correct? I tried iterating through it like this:

   @users.each {
      logger.debug ".....................single user: " + info.inspect

but I got this error:

BSON::InvalidDocument (BSON.serialize takes a Hash but got a Symbol):

Help much appreciarted!

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is there a longer stack trace? –  holaSenor Jun 27 '12 at 15:51

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I'm not framiliar with mongo but try this:

@users.each do |info|
   logger.debug ".....................single user: #{info.inspect}"

The #{} allows you to evaluate ruby code within a double quoted string.

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If you want to see the litteral result try appending to_a to the query. This should give you an array with ten items in it.

@users = database['users'].find(:all).limit(10).to_a
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