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I'm writing a Rails application which will have reasonably regular updates -- nothing abnormal here. I face a problem, however, due to the distribution model. Basically the application will be sold for stand-alone "intranet" installation due to its "add-on" nature (it's basically a web interface for an existing, database-driven industry standard application).

My concern(s) then revolve(s) around protecting code and update models (registration codes, etc.) for multiple independently deployed Rails applications. Does anyone have a good starting point for reading up on this? Any input regarding such a process?


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We are using Rubyencoder.

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Yeah, we actually ended up using that as well. I just never posted back after accepting a previous answer. Thanks though. –  humble_coder Jan 21 '12 at 4:48

I'd look into code obfuscation.

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Have a look at the way Mingle do it, I believe they offer a similar deal.

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My knowledge doesn't extend much into this realm, but you might want to look into using JRuby to package the Rails application as an executable JAR.

Github recently did something similar for their Firewall Install product (more information on the packaging process here).

It seems likely that this kind of requirement would be much more common in Javaland, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if going the JRuby route was your best bet.

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