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I have successfully implemented the Valums script for uploading multiple files asynchronously. But I have two questions:

First is; I need the number of uploaded files (not the ones that fail). But I don't know how to get that information, since I am new to jquery. Let say, if the number of successful uploads is larger than 1, then I want to enable a button.

Secondly, the error messages that I send from the server are not shown in the web page. These are the messages I send to the client:

context.Response.Write("{error: There has been an error on the server side. Please try again. }");



where the {success:true} message is recognized by the script (as expected), but the other does not. How can I display the error messages that are generated by the server?

I am using ASP.NET/C# on the server side.

Thanks in advance

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Ok, maybe I should have searched SO more carefully!

Here is the answer:


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