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So I'm trying to infinitely rotate a png on my webapp for iOS but having a hard time getting it to work in the simulator. Here my CSS:

 #spinner { -webkit-animation: spinner 1s infinite linear; }

@-webkit-keyframes spinner {
    0% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,0deg); }
    100% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,360deg); }

it works perfectly on latest Chrome.. however, mobile safari doesn't seem to like 0-360. I tried 0 to 180 and that works for some strange reason... how can i go all 360 degrees?


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Have you tried to put 180deg at 50% and 90deg at 25% to avoid ambiguities? –  YuriAlbuquerque Jun 27 '12 at 15:59
I'm going to guess that Safari treats 0 and 360deg as the same rotation position (since they are) and calculates that no transition is necessary. Change the 360deg to 359 and that should fix it –  Michael Mullany Jun 27 '12 at 17:46

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as YuriAlbuquerque said, you can do it like this

@-webkit-keyframes spinner {
    0% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,0deg); }
    25% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,90deg); }
    50% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,180deg); }
    75% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,270deg); }
    100% { -webkit-transform: rotate3d(0,0,1,360deg); }

Removing 25% and 75% in keyframes also works but only in less than ios6. In ios6, if you don't add 25% and 75%, than it will rotate clockwise 180deg and than anticlockwise from 180deg to 360deg.

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Nice trick! Now it works in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for me. :) –  nlawson Jan 11 at 18:30

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