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I've been working on getting manual routing set up with Celery, but can't seem to get specific tasks into specific queues. Here's what I've got going on so far pretty much:

    "default": {
        "binding_key": "default"},
    "medium": {
        "binding_key": "medium"},
     "heavy": {
         "binding_key": "heavy"},

with the routes defined like

CELERY_ROUTES = ({ "tasks.some_heavy_task": {
                   "queue": "heavy",
                   "routing_key": "tasks.heavy"
                  }}, )

and the daemons started like

celeryd -l INFO -c 3 -Q heavy

The "some_heavy_task"'s never get run though. When I remove the routing and just have a default queue I can get them to run. What am I doing wrong here, any suggestions?

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I created special celeryconfig file for each tasks, all tasks stored in special queue. Here is example:

CELERY_IMPORTS = ('cleaner_on_celery.tasks',)
    'cleaner': {
        "task": "cleaner_on_celery.tasks.cleaner",
        "schedule": timedelta(seconds=CLEANER_TIMEOUT),
    "cleaner": {"exchange": "cleaner", "binding_key": "cleaner"}

from celeryconfig import *

You can see in the bottom: I import common celeryconfig module. In this case you can start few celeryd instances. Also I recommend to use it with supervisord, after creating supervisord.conf file for each task you can easy manage them as:

supervisorctl start cleaner
supervisorctl stop cleaner
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