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When I used Jikes rvm to run my program "GenRegex.class",

jikesrvm-3.1.2/dist/production_x86_64-linux/rvm GenRegex grammars/cfg_nse.g

I got the runtime err:

Exception in thread "MainThread" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not find the class java.util.Scanner:
   at java.lang.Error.(
   at java.lang.LinkageError.(
   at java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.(
   at org.jikesrvm.classloader.TypeReference.resolveInternal(
   at org.jikesrvm.classloader.TypeReference.resolve(
   at org.jikesrvm.runtime.RuntimeEntrypoints.unresolvedNewScalar(
   at GenRegex.genRule(
   at GenRegex.main(

Below is my code

   1 import java.util.*;
   2 import*;
   4 public class GenRegex{
   6   Rule[] genRule(String fileName) throws IOException
   7   {
   8     String line = "";
   9     String str = "";
  10     ArrayList ruleList = new ArrayList();
  11     Rule[] ruleArray;
  12     Scanner scanner = new Scanner(new FileInputStream(fileName));

Even after I add a line "import java.util.Scanner;" I still got this err. Any clue? Thanks!

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I am not familiar with Jikes. Is it possible you need to include some "standard" java library in your project manually (via your GUI)? Often it is a library/dependency issue for me when I get a runtime NoClassDefFoundError. – BlackVegetable Jun 27 '12 at 16:16
@BlackVegetable Maybe the problem comes from the GNU Classpath. – JackWM Jun 28 '12 at 22:49

Finally, I found some disappointing information "java.util.Scanner is unimplemented" in Jikes RVM, at least in version 3.0.1.

See this link:

Jikes RVM 3.0.1 released
** Bug 
* [RVM-172] - Failing DaCapo benchmarks on PPC 32 OS X 
* [RVM-288] - Assertion failure in inline oracle 
* [RVM-318] - java.util.Scanner is unimplemented  

For the current version 3.1.2, I'm unsure.

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