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I have tried all of these various ways to set the value of the select. I only know the id/index value and not the text description. None of these work in IE and all except the last work in FireFox.

I have set alerts to make sure the contactList.PerType_ID has a value and that is a number

Could anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

var perId = parseInt(contactList.PerType_ID);



$('#ddContactType option[value=3]').attr('selected', 'selected');

$('#ddContactType option[value='+perId+']').attr('selected', 'selected'); //does not work in ff

Turns out the control I was trying to set did not exist yet in IE. I moved a call to the method before a service call and the control loads fine using all of the methods I listed above and the only response I got below.

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try prop:

$('#ddContactType option[value=' + perId + ']').prop('selected', true);
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Try to pass parameter as string:

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