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i am having an odd issue with codeigniter's URI Routes functionality...specifically surrounding the use of wildcards.

i am trying to have the following URL routed to my 'locations' controller, calling my 'edit' method:


i have the following setup in my routes config file:

$route['stores/(:any)/locations/(:any)/edit'] = 'locations/edit';

however...when i try to path to the above URL, the site dies.

i have tried to use regex but unfortunately regex is not my strong point, thus it too is not working.

i have looked at other stackoverflow examples and other sites, but nothing really speaks to the odd URL structure i have. any suggestions/resolutions would be much appreciated. thanks in advance for the assistance!

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I suggest you to check your logs for more information. I just test it on my server, and its working perfectly fine. –  Stanislav Jun 27 '12 at 16:15
sorry all...it appears that the issue is something elsewhere which i had not foreseen. the URI router in CI appears to be working. if i am still at a wall...i will update my post. –  digitalsweetspot Jun 27 '12 at 16:15
I don't see anything wrong with this route. In CI's source code the "(:any)" gets replaced with a regex string to represent anything, so there's no need to have a regex. What do you mean 'the site dies'? –  Michael Ozeryansky Jun 27 '12 at 16:16
How are the strings in the request URI used? or are they used at all? –  nageeb Jun 27 '12 at 16:20
turns out the issue was a missing parathesis in a utility function i was calling only for this method. that is why other sections of the site were working and this one died. the only thing i thought was different between this and other working routes was the complex URI structure. sooo...this is resolved and i am walking away from this with my tail between my legs. sorry for the post, but much thanks to all who jumped on this to help out! –  digitalsweetspot Jun 27 '12 at 16:34

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Assuming the strings in your request uri are variable length, you could try something like this:

$route['stores/([a-z0-9]*)/locations/([a-z0-9]*)/edit'] = 'locations/edit';

However you didn't clarify what is to be done with the strings matched by the regex. If you simply appended them to the end, your route would look like this:

$route['stores/([a-z0-9]*)/locations/([a-z0-9]*)/edit'] = 'locations/edit/$1/$2';

In which case, in your controller method you could use the $this->uri_segment() function to parse out the strings.

$firstHash = $this->uri_segment(3);
$secondHash = $this->uri_segment(4);
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Here is a simple technique to do what you wanted to do

$route['stores/(:any)'] = 'locations/edit';

then, using uri_segment(n) get the value in in edit controller function.


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