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I am trying to split a world map into categories. The issue I am having is that the quantiles are not of even size which is causing a problem with the code.

 myData3 <- read.table(textConnection(zz), header = TRUE)
 sPDF <- joinCountryData2Map(myData3, joinCode = "ISO3", nameJoinColumn = "ISO3V10", projection = "none")
 op <- palette(c('green', 'yellow', 'orange', 'red'))
 cutVector <- quantile(sPDF@data[["CatSplit"]],na.rm=TRUE)
 sPDF@data[["No.of.Documents"]] <- cut ( sPDF@data[["No.of.Documents"]], cutVector, include.lowest=TRUE )
 levels(sPDF@data[["No.of.Documents"]]) <- c('low', 'med', 'high', 'vhigh')
 mapCountryData( sPDF, nameColumnToPlot="CatSplit", catMethod="categorical", mapTitle="GSK Total No of Documents", colourPalette="palette", oceanCol="lightblue", missingCountryCol="white")

An example of the data set is shown below:

 zz <-"ISO3V10   Country    No.of.Documents Lat       Lon       CatSplit
            ARG Argentina         41        -64       -34          1
            AUS Australia         224        133      -27          2
            CAN Canada            426        -95       60          3
            IRL Ireland           68         -8        53          1
            ITA Italy             583        12.8333   42.8333     3
            NLD Netherlands       327        5.75      52.5        2
            NZL 'New Zealand'     26         174       -41         1
            ESP Spain             325        -4         40         2
            GBR 'United Kingdom'  2849       -2         54         4
            USA 'United States'   3162        -97       38         4

The data set doesn't show very well on here!! I would like the categories to be split by Category Split so 1 being Very High and 4 being Low.

Any help would be very useful!

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We need example data in a reproducible form, and at least to know what those functions are doing and which package defines them. –  mdsumner Jun 27 '12 at 21:47
Sorry I'm not clear what you're asking - is this an issue with the quantiles for one column not being an even match for another column? In this example you have 4 Categories, and 12 examples, so you will naturally get an un-matched number in each (3,3,2,2). –  Sean Jun 28 '12 at 9:04
The problem is with the split, I know the categories have uneven values as I would like to define my own boundaries. –  Jess Sheasby Jun 28 '12 at 10:31
Would it help if you recoded CatSplit values before the split? –  Roman Lu┼ítrik Jul 1 '12 at 4:10

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