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How do I specify values in a properties file so they can be retrieved using ResourceBundle#getStringArray?

I have a class like this:

public class BankHolidayCalendar {

    List<DateTime> bankHolidays;

    public BankHolidayCalendar(final List<DateTime> p_bankHolidays) {
        bankHolidays = p_bankHolidays;

and a property file

# holidays.properties
holidayDates=01-01-2012, 13-02-2012, 22-04-2012

How can I read these dates from this property file and inject into the bean constructor?

I am using joda time here.

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I would use the @Value annotation and create the DateTime object in the constructor like this:

public class BankHolidayCalendar {

    List<DateTime> bankHolidays = new ArrayList<DateTime>();

    public BankHolidayCalendar(@Value("holidayDates") String[] p_bankHolidays) {
        for (String date : p_bankHolidays) {
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The sample code above can be improved by using Arrays.asList(p_bankHolidays) instead of the for loop. See documentation of Arrays.asList. –  kandilaki Apr 10 '13 at 6:35

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