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I have a piece of equipment that I would like to control from within Matlab on WinXP32. Its APIs are packaged in a DLL with an associated C header.

The device's API functions rely on a hardware descriptor, which is accessed by its Win32 handle and can only be directly manipulated by the API functions. From the "foo.h" header provided by the manufacturer:

typedef HANDLE BAR
#ifdef _DLL_EXPORT
    #define _DLL_API __declspec(dllexport)
    #define _DLL_API __declspec(dllimport)

This handle is then used by the API functions, whose C signatures are of the form:

FOO_RETURN Device_Init(BAR *pbar, DWORD parameter1, ....)

Moving to Matlab, I load the library:


and the API functions are now available in Matlab. In libfunctionsview, their signatures look like:

Name         Arguments
Device_Init  (voidPtr, uint32, ....)

and the "foo.m" function created by loadlibrary describes them as:

fcns.name{fcnNum}='Device_Init'; fcns.calltype{fcnNum}='stdcall'; fcns.LHS{fcnNum}="uint32'; fcns.RHS{fcnNum}={'errorPtr, 'uint32', ...)

My problem is this handle "BAR". None of the following are accepted:

pbar = libpointer('BAR');  % Type was not found
pbar = libstruct('BAR');   % Undefined function or variable 'lib.BAR'
pbar = libpointer;         % Segfaults when passed to DLL

Is there a way to create and manage this handle "BAR" in Matlab so that it can be used in Matlab calls to calllib('foo','command',pbar,....) ?

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You can try this code to create the MATLAB pointers:

pbar = libpointer('voidPtr',[ uint8('some string') 0])
pparameter1 = libpointer('uint32',0)

and to call your DLL function use the following command:

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