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I wanted to print a variable(var="phani") to the end of a text file (2.txt) using sed.

This is my work so far:

$ var="phani";echo sed -e "$a$var" -i 2.txt

But the error i am getting is :

sed: -e expression #1, char 2: extra characters after command

Any suggestions please?

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I don't get an error, but I also get no "action" .. ie nothing happens. What's the value of $a? – Levon Jun 27 '12 at 17:21

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because you're using dbl-quotes (to allow for var expansion), you have to escape the first $ so the shell doesn't try to evaluate '$a', this works for me ..

 sed "\$a$(var)" file

I hope this helps.

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sed "\$a${var}" -i 2.txt worked fine. thanks – phani Jun 27 '12 at 17:40

You need to protect the $a from shell expansion:

var="phani";echo sed -e '$a'"$var" -i 2.txt
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Is there a reason that echo "$var" >> 2.txt isn't sufficient? Using sed for this is making an easy task more difficult than it needs to be...

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