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I am trying to download the contents of a website using wget tool. I used -R option to reject some file types. but there are some other files which I don't want to download. These files are named as follows, and don't have any extensions.


for example:


How I can tell wget not to download these files (the files which their names start with specified string)?

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You can not specify a regular expression in the wget -R key, but you can specify a template (like file template in a shell).

The answer looks like:

$ wget -R 'newsbrief-*' ...

You can also use ? and symbol classes [].

For more information see info wget.

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thank you. It worked to me... – Hakim Jun 27 '12 at 18:22

Since (apparently) v1.14 wget accepts regular expressions : --reject-regex and --accept-regex (with --regex-type posix by default, can be set to pcre if compiled with libpcre support).

Beware that it seems you can use --reject-regex only once per wget call. That is, you have to use | in a single regex if you want to select on several regex :

wget --reject-regex 'expr1|expr2|…'
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Thanks for the example with several regex. – GregHNZ May 1 '14 at 8:38

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