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I have a ViewAnimator (ViewSwitcher to be precise) with fade in/out animations associated to it and two Views which I transition between using the ViewAnimator.showNext() and ViewAnimator.showPrevious() methods.

There is a requirement in my app where sometimes I need to start straight from the second View, without showing a fade animation in going from the first View to the second. Anyone know if there is a straightforward way to accomplish this without having to mess around with the in/out animations associated to my ViewAnimator?

Note: I have tried calling ViewAnimator.setDisplayedChild(1) but that also animates the transition.

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I looked around and waited for a response but I'm guessing it's not possible. So, in the absence of a better solution, set your ViewAnimator's in/out animations to null when you want to jump straight to a particular child View of your ViewAnimator, as follows:


If anyone knows a better way - rather than playing with the ViewAnimator's in/out animations - please share!

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I think this is the only way, it is a shame really. –  Wayne Uroda Sep 7 '12 at 5:01

Unfortunately, there is no built-in function to do that, but you can add this function, which does the job:

public static void setDisplayedChildNoAnim(ViewAnimator viewAnimator, int whichChild) {
    Animation inAnimation = viewAnimator.getInAnimation();
    Animation outAnimation = viewAnimator.getOutAnimation();
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I've not tried your solution but it looks nice! –  Adil Hussain Apr 9 '14 at 15:30

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