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Trying to get a play 2.0.2 application going on heroku and it seems it is not yet supported.

Has anyone had any luck with this?


      -- artifact org.scala-tools.sbt#sbt_2.9.1;0.11.3!sbt_2.9.1.jar:


        ::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::


        :: org.scala-tools.sbt#sbt_2.9.1;0.11.3: not found


   unresolved dependency: org.scala-tools.sbt#sbt_2.9.1;0.11.3: not found
   Error during sbt execution: Error retrieving required libraries
     (see /tmp/build_7sg3kay36u6a/project/boot/update.log for complete log)
   Error: Could not retrieve sbt 0.11.3
 !     Failed to build app with SBT 0.11.0
 !     Heroku push rejected, failed to compile Scala app
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This worked for me. Are you upgrading a 2.0.1 app or is this app new? – James Ward Jun 27 '12 at 20:43
Did you properly update your project/ by setting sbt.version=0.11.3 ? – nico_ekito Jun 28 '12 at 5:53

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This was happening because of old cache (my app had been deployed on heroku before, hence the old cache)

From the root of your play application, do

heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=''

then push your app again

This will drop all cached artifacts and the sbt jar and re-download up to date fresh ones.

Just remember to do heroku config:remove BUILDPACK_URL afterwards or each time you push the cache will be dropped and builds will take a while.

Kudos to scott @ play googlegroups!topic/play-framework/yUDfW2UtBjs

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This could be unrelated, but I had some conflicting plugin in myhomedir/.sbt/plugins/build.sbt that messed up my Play 2.0.2 build. Removing that fixed it for me.

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I had this exact error on my Mac and it was because MacPorts did not install the correct version of SBT (sudo port install sbt gave me 0.11.2 not 0.11.3) - yes I updated my port tree. So I sudo port uninstalled sbt and used brew install sbt. This (Homebrew) installed 0.11.3 and the problem disappeared. I would suggest checking the sbt version on Heroku.

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If you encounter this on play 2.0.4 (I know, this question is for play 2.0.2, but it's first on google): change the sbt version to 0.11.3: Change sbt version in project/ to 0.11.3

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