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I am already using a basic logging config where all messages across all modules are stored in a single file. However, I need a more complex solution now:

  • Two files: the first remains the same.
  • The second file should have some custom format.

I have been reading the docs for the module, bu they are very complex for me at the moment. Loggers, handlers...

So, in short:

How to log to two files in Python 3, ie:

import logging
# ...
logging.file1.info('Write this to file 1')
logging.file2.info('Write this to file 2')
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You can do something like this:

import logging
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s')

# first file logger
logger_1 = logging.getLogger('simple_logger')
hdlr_1 = logging.FileHandler('simplefile_1.log')

# second file logger
logger_2 = logging.getLogger('simple_logger_2')
hdlr_2 = logging.FileHandler('simplefile_2.log')    

logger_1.info('message 1')
logger_2.error('error foo')

i hope to serve you.

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Yes, that is it, thank you. It would be useful to have this example in the official docs. –  marw Jun 28 '12 at 18:59
The default log level is logging.WARNING, so it would be more clear if Logger.setLevel(logging.WARNING) is called. –  zeekvfu Aug 11 at 3:05

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