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I use Filezilla to do my FTP duties and I'm unable to copy files without making a copy to the my local computer.

I doubt Filezilla is bad software. Is this just an inherent quality of FTP?

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Are you talking about copying files from one FTP to another? This is a common issue, that most FTP clients can't do this, without making a local copy of a file. But, if you're talking about just copying files from local computer to a FTP server, then I don't see where seems to be the problem? –  trejder Jun 26 '12 at 8:55

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The FTP Protocol does not define a "copy" command.

If your FTP client has a copy command, then it has to implement this itself using what's available through FTP. This works out to something like: GET/RETR , CWD , PUT/STOR .

Some FTP servers will implement proprietary extensions and offer a command like COPY. A client may or may not choose to implement these, in which case it doesn't involve a local file copy.

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According to the error messages I get within WinSCP when I try and duplicate or copy.. apparently it is.

I'm guessing there's some FTP theory on it somewhere. Even to duplicate WinSCP wanted to temp dump stuff to my local machine.

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There aren't any copy commands listed at the list of FTP commands, so it's not in the FTP definition. It's just something FTP clients add themselves to be more user-friendly.

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