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i have four tables

  1. user-question contains two columns: questionID, userID, the questions that the user answers.
  2. question-cell contains two columns: questionID, cellID the questions that will be asked in cell.
  3. question-place contains two columns: questionID, placeID the questions that will be asked in place.
  4. question contains two columns: ID, text

i want to know the number of cells question that the user (userID=3) has got

i think like this

select questionID 
FROM `question-cell` 
WHERE questionID in 
    (select questionID 
    from `user-question` 
    WHERE userID = 3 AND competitionID = 4 
    group by competitionID, userID)

and i want to know if that is write , because i am working on Notebad

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I count four tables ;-) –  N West Jun 27 '12 at 18:11
@NWest sorry i edited –  Totti Jun 27 '12 at 18:17

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I think you're looking for the following query. Group Bys will not work in sub queries and you had quotes in places where you shouldn't have them.

select count(*) FROM question-cell WHERE questionID in (select questionID from 
user-question WHERE userID = 3 AND competitionID = 4)
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