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Im getting this error when I run the childbrowser.

Error: WebKit discarded an uncaught exception in the webView.

Using the childbrowser it only opens it the first time I click on a link, the second time it doesn't! It seams the .bind is firing 2 times and coases the problem. And I read somewhere that [webview stopLoading]; should solve the problem, I guess in the ChildBrowserViewContreller.m file. My problem is that I don't know where to put the code? I have tested a couple of places but no luck. Any input appreciated, thanks!

I found a solution! In the childbrowser.js file uncomment these 4 lines:

// Show a webpage, will result in a callback to onLocationChange ChildBrowser.prototype.showWebPage = function(loc) {
//if (typeof PhoneGap !== "undefined")

// PhoneGap.exec("ChildBrowserCommand.showWebPage", loc);
//} if(typeof Cordova !== "undefined") { Cordova.exec("ChildBrowserCommand.showWebPage", loc); } };

Thats it, now it opens all the time!

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could you self-answer and close this question, since it has been answered by you already? – Zathrus Writer Aug 14 '12 at 11:54

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