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After looking for a C library that implemented a web server, I was taught about Mongoose. I have actually made it work through several examples that make the call to the callback function that actually treats the incoming and outgoing data. I am using on Windows, compiling and debugging with Visual Studio 2008.

I called it session and it follows:

int CHttpsCom::Session( void )

  struct mg_context *ctx;

  const char *options[] = {
    "listening_ports", "443s",
#ifdef _DEBUG
    "ssl_certificate", "c:\\temp\\cert.pem",
    "ssl_certificate", "cert.pem",

  ctx = mg_start( &callback, NULL, options );

  if( !ctx )
    return 1;

  //getchar();  // Wait until user hits "enter"
  while ( LeaveIt == false );

  Sleep(3500);// without this it won't work

  mg_stop( ctx ); 

  return 0;


100% of the examples I have noticed most examples use getchar to synchronize the end of the session with the ending if the callback execution. I have this LeaveIt flag that is set after I get a post message. If I don't use the Sleep above, I get a deadlock internal to the library. Is there any better way of handling this wait for the the callback ending ?


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while ( LeaveIt == false );

Sleep(3500);// without this it won't work

By this (at worst you'll save CPU consumption):

while (!LeaveIt)
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I second this answer. –  valenok Dec 27 '13 at 19:34

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