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I have an xml document which I am trying to access a value of a certain child element using xpath.

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($url,null,true);
$value = $xml->xpath("/xxx/yyy/zzz");

when I use:


ouputs the following:

    [0] => SimpleXMLElement Object
            [0] => 1003.39


I can access the value of the SimpleXMLElement Object by doing the following:

echo $value[0]

however I don't want to store the SimpleXMLElement Object within $value. I want to store the objects value within $value.

e.g. I want to use:

echo $value

to return


What do I need to change in

$value = $xml->xpath("/xxx/yyy/zzz");

in order to return the value, not the object?

p.s. If I cast to a string using (string), then my print_r or echo $value prints "Array" instead of the value!

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->xpath() returns an array by definition, so:

$result = $xml->xpath("/xxx/yyy/zzz");
$value = $result[0];

ANd then either:

$value = (string)$value;


$value = strval($value);

If you want the whole array cast to string:

$result = $xml->xpath("/xxx/yyy/zzz");
$result = array_map('strval',$result);
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