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I have a Backbone Collection that I'm trying to render in the View. The JSON data seems correct, however I can't access the values from within the view.

Here's the basic collection:

define(['backbone', 'BaseModel'], function(Backbone, BaseModel) {

    var BaseCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({

         model: BaseModel,
         url: "/collection/get?json=true",

         initialize: function() {}

    return BaseCollection;


Here's the View:

define(['backbone', 'BaseCollection'], function(Backbone, BaseCollection) {

    var BaseView = Backbone.View.extend({

        el: $('#baseContainer'),
        template: _.template($('#baseTemplate').html()),

        initialize: function() {
            this.collection = new BaseCollection();
            this.collection.bind('all', this.render, this);
        render: function() {   

            //This returns 3 objects which is correct based on the JSON data being returned from the server

            var html = this.template(this.collection.toJSON());
            return this;


    return BaseView;


I think I need to iterate through this.render for each model within the collection. But, I'm not sure, because it shouldn't 'render' until it completes all iterations.

Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!

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can you show us your template? My guess is you need to modify the parameter you're passing to this.template(), or modify the template itself. You can use collection.each within your template to loop through all models in the collection (however, it's recommended to create sub-views for each model if you'll be binding lots of model-specific events) –  jackwanders Jun 27 '12 at 18:55

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You need to give your template access to the models via name. When you do this:

var html = this.template(this.collection.toJSON());

You end up passing an array to the template function, which normally expects a context object (name/value pairs). Try this:

var html = this.template({collection: this.collection});

Then in your template you can iterate through them using the collection.each iterator function or any of the underscore utility methods for iteration/filtering/map/etc. I also recommend NOT using toJSON when giving your template access to the collection as it makes your data dumber and harder to work with. toJSON is best left for when you are making HTTP requests.

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works perfectly, thank you! –  dave Jun 27 '12 at 20:41

There are some complexities that quickly rear their heads when rendering a collection in a view. For instance, the view generally needs to be re-rendered when models are added or removed from the collection. It isn't rocket science to implement your own solution, but it is probably worth looking into existing solutions that take help care of these complexities for you.

Backbone.CollectionView is a robust collection view class that handles selecting models in response to mouse clicks, reordering the collection based on drag and drop, filtering visible models, etc.

Several popular frameworks built on top of backbone also provide simple collection view classes, like Backbone.Marionette, Chaplin, and Layout Manager.

Even though Backbone itself does not provide any structure for rendering a collection, it is a non-trivial problem. Luckily it is such a common need that there are quite a few good options in the eco system.

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