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I am using a solution similar to http://blog.jmoz.co.uk/symfony2-fosuserbundle-role-entities

So I have a Role entity that implements RoleInterface and I have a modified User entity that is set up to have a ManyToMany relationship with the Roles.

This allows me to use code like this

$user = $this->get('security.context')->getToken()->getUser();
$role = new Role('ROLE_TEST');

$em = $this->getDoctrine()->getEntityManager();

I can then check if a user has a role with

$user = $this->get('security.context')->getToken()->getUser();

   //do stuff...

This solution is ok, but I need to have access to the security context and use code like this:

   //do stuff...

And in the security.yml cofig file I would like to use the access_control code like this:

   - { path: ^/test$, role: ROLE_TEST }

Do I need a custom user manager for this? The roles that are assigned to a user in the database are not being carried over to the built in Symfony security system.

In other words when I view the security section of the profiler it shows that the user is assigned to Roles [ROLE_USER], but I am hoping to get it so the system will also recognize the roles that I have set in the database for the logged in user such as ROLE_TEST.

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The reason that this was not working is because I was still logged in with the same session. Logging out and then back in again to refresh the session with the new roles does the trick. DOH!

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