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I have some jobs which take very-very long time to finish. Usually 1-3 hours. I use the gem "daemons" to daemonize the delayed workers. If I use the rake task: "script/delayed_job stop" to stop them, then they won't stop until the workers finish...

Is there a nice and simple solution to stop the jobs?

I have managed to do one, but any other suggestions are also welcome.

The idea is to:

  • trap the "TERM" signal (because daemons sends "TERM" for its spawned processes) and save the old
  • when the "TERM" signal comes, then finish the job (but don't yet quit)
  • after terminating the job setting back the old handler for "TERM"
  • sending the "TERM" to the process I am in (The old handler will be called)

Here is the code:

def self.prepare_to_be_stopped_by_daemons
  self.old_trap = Signal.trap("TERM") do
    self.should_terminate = true
def check_the_stop_signal_by_daemons
  if self.class.should_terminate
    Delayed::Worker.logger.debug "Asked to be TERMINATED. Calling the old trap." if Delayed::Worker.logger


def self.restore_old_trap
  Signal.trap("TERM", old_trap)
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