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I am trying to write a tcp reconstruction program in c# , by using SharpPcap. So far I am doing a pretty good job, and the reconstruction is working fine. My only problem is, that in order to reconstruct big Pcap files by myself, I need to load them by parts/chunks to the memory, because sharppcap only let's me load the whole file( I think). Any suggestions?


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The pcap file format is really simple, see here:

Why not load the file yourself, possibly a packet at a time, and then you can do what you want as you go along rather than having a library dictate your memory usage patterns?

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Given that SharpPcap PcapDevices have a GetNextPacket method, from which both LibPcapLiveDevice and CaptureFileReaderDevice inherit that method, I don't see anything that would require you to load the whole file - you might have to read the entire file, but you can just ignore packets you don't want.

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