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I want to delay an animation that slides an image in a li a-element. I had the idea, that I could go through every li element with a counter (i) and set a timeout with the animation to do: 1000 + i * 50

Unfortunately only the last li-element will be animated. Why is that?

li = $('nav ul li').get();
lic = li.length;

$('nav ul li a .icon').hide();

t = [];
for (i = 0; i < li.length; i++) {
    var obj = $('nav ul li')[i];

    t[i] = setTimeout(function() {
    }, 1000 + i * 50);

    delete obj;
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Why are you wrapping an already jQuery object in another jQuery constructor? – Michael Dibbets Jun 27 '12 at 21:23
To clarify things, delete obj will not do anything because delete will only remove properties, not variables. – Derek 朕會功夫 Jun 27 '12 at 21:26
Oh thx for the info. :) – bluefirex Jun 28 '12 at 9:10
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This should be fine:

jsBin demo

$('nav ul li a .icon').hide();

$('nav ul li').each(function( i ){       
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Thanks, it works :) – bluefirex Jun 27 '12 at 21:32
@RokoC.Buljan - $(this).find(".icon") is faster. – Derek 朕會功夫 Jun 27 '12 at 21:34

Try this, and this is no a full code, and un-tested. Please borrow the logic from this..

$('nav ul li').each(function {
    t[i] = setTimeout(function() {
    }, 1000 + i * 50);
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