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My client-side code calls a old-school .asmx web service. In an effort to boost the performance, I pre-generated serialization assemblies using the following command, that is run in the bin/release folder:

for %%a in (*.dll) do sgen /assembly:%%a

It essentially loops through all the .dll files and calls sgen /assembly:foo.dll on them. After this command each assembly has a foo.XmlSerializers.dll assembly.

However, when I profile the code, I see that there is still a perf hit in the code and it still compiles a serialization assembly (completely ignoring my pre-generated one, as verified by ProcMon).

enter image description here

Why is it not using my pre-generated serialization assemblies?

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It tries to load the .XmlSerializers.dll file, but fails for some reason, and regenerates it instead. Possibly because it is out of sync with your assembly.

Try adding this to your app.config file:

            <add name="XmlSerialization.PregenEventLog" value="1" /> 

This will make the generator print the errors it encounters to the Event Log.

More information: XmlSerializers, ModuleVersionId, ILMerge, and You - Bits in Motion (blog)

You might also be interested in this SO question: Generating an Xml Serialization assembly as part of my build

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