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I'm adding session data in my table using Codeigniter's session library.

From documentation:

$newdata = array(
                   'username'  => 'johndoe',
                   'email'     => 'johndoe@some-site.com',
                   'logged_in' => TRUE


For example in my session table i get this code:


I can't find any documentation on the meaning of all the letters and numbers. What does the syntax mean?

Please notice the last session item settings_activated. I'm using that to check if the user entered his/her settings. It's set to 1 or 0. What does the i mean?

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It's PHP's serialize output. Do not attempt to parse this by hand with anything other then unserialize: they are free to alter the format if it pleases them. In short, you are seeing type:length:data portions: a=array, s=string, i=integer. array keys are followed by their values. –  Wrikken Jun 27 '12 at 22:03
@Wrikken, brilliant comment thanks! Why don't you submit it as answer? –  CyberJunkie Jun 28 '12 at 15:50

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To access all session userdata simply type:

$data = $this->session->all_userdata();

With this you can access

echo $data['username']; // gives "johndoe"

If you want something specific you can do

$username = $this->session->userdata('username');
echo $username;  // gives "johndoe"

As Wrikken mentioned above, the data you see in the actual table is serilized, and CI does not want you interacting with it directly - just use the Session class.

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Thanks for the answer! I know how to use the sessions I just wasn't sure what the syntax meant in the session array. –  CyberJunkie Jun 28 '12 at 15:53

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