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what I need: upload photos to user's fan page as a page, using an app for that

what I have: my website which does uploading, and a user, who created fan page and application, and that app's id and secret

what I do:

  1. call FB.init() with that appId

  2. call FB.login() with manage_pages,publish_stream permissions - this prompts FB login popup where user is asked to login and then to authenticate the app. As the result I get app access token.

  3. Send request to to get extended app token valid for 2 months (and therefore page tokens will be extended as well as described here)

  4. Send request to to get a list of pages user manages, and let user to choose the page he wants to publish to.

  5. That gives me PAGE access token I can use to publish photos to user's FAN page using /albumId/photos/ API call.

what is the problem:

the "via" link in the photo redirects user to MY website (where user has authenticated his app to upload to his page): enter image description here

that is because I had to ask user to enter my website's URL in app settings, otherwise Facebook login dialog will complain: enter image description here


  1. Am I doing this right? am I missing something probably?

  2. If I am - then how can I get that "via" link to link to user's website?

Thank you.

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how can I get that "via" link to link to user's website?

Not at all, because this always links to the app that was used making a post/upload.

What you could try though is having your website redirect when a user is coming to your site from Facebook. Which post/feed story the user is coming from should be passed to your site as parameters; then you’d only have to figure out which user made that post (look it up in your database), and redirect to their homepage.

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well, that's not true - as I said, right now "via" link redirects user to MY website. If I change "Site URL" field in app settings to user's website - then the link will redirect to that website - but in this case FB.Login() call on MY website will fail - saying "invalid website" or something like this. – avs099 Jun 28 '12 at 11:12
Oh but yes, it is true. If you change the site URL for your app, then the via link still goes to your app – which you told Facebook resides at the user’s website location. But that that approach is not feasible, you’ve found out already yourself. So, use the method I suggested instead, if you want a working solution. – CBroe Jun 28 '12 at 12:30
ic what you mean - yes, strictly speaking you are right. However, question still remains the same - are there any workarounds? The one you suggest looks quite complex to me. Thanks! – avs099 Jun 28 '12 at 13:46
What I suggested is the “workaround”. – CBroe Jun 28 '12 at 14:14
that will not work - the link has only app id, it does not have post ID or anything like that in it - so I can't track that. I think I found better solution though. Thanks for helping. – avs099 Jul 4 '12 at 16:59
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I ended up adding client's website URL as a query string parameter into "Site URL" field in the application settings - and then I need to modify my site's backend to do redirects:
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