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I am using Spree for an e-commerce app and I'm trying to validate uniqueness of sku

Spree::Variant.class_eval do
  attr_accessible :sku
  validates_uniqueness_of :sku

Then when I want to create a new record I get this error:

undefined method `price' for nil:NilClass
Extracted source (around line #7):

4: <% content_for :sidebar do %>
6:   <h3>
7: <%= @product.name %><span class="sku"><%= @product.sku %></span>
8: </h3>
9:   <br class="clear"><ul class="sidebar product-menu" data-hook="admin_product_tabs">
10: <li <%== ' class="active"' if current == 'Product Details' %>>
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After almost a year... You need to write a custom validation in model with something like this

validate :validate_sku, :on => :create
        def validate_sku
        if Spree::Variant.exists?(:sku => sku)
            errors.add(:sku, "SKU kod je již používán")
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