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I'm trying to use the form_for reset button:

<%= button_tag 'Reset', :type => 'reset' %>

It works great, but when I update the object through AJAX, how can I get the new form values to be the ones reset to? Right now it resets to the values when the document loads, which makes sense. But is there a way to get the reset button to register the new values?

Here's the code:

Hopefully, there's a simpler way than looping through the form fields and setting their default values: How can I update a default value for a form field after an ajax submission (not a form reset)

Thank you for your time!

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It turns out that the Rails helper just adds a 'type=reset' attribute to the input tag. And the rest of the magic is straight from regular HTML.

I ended up doing something like this:

$(this)[0].defaultValue = $(this).val();

Hope this helps somebody.

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