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With libvlc, how do I get libvlc_media_player_get_time() to return a more accurate result? With 60fps video the value it returns is only updated a few times per second at most. Is there any way to get frame accurate timing?

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This issue says that there is no way to get more accurate result from libvlc.

But you can interpolate it:

private long lastPlayTime = 0;
private long lastPlayTimeGlobal = 0;

 * Get current play time (interpolated)
 * @see
 * @return
public float getCurrentTime(){
    long currentTime = directMediaPlayer.getTime();

    if (lastPlayTime == currentTime && lastPlayTime != 0){
        currentTime += System.currentTimeMillis() - lastPlayTimeGlobal;
    } else {
        lastPlayTime = currentTime;
        lastPlayTimeGlobal = System.currentTimeMillis();

    return currentTime * 0.001f;    //to float
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