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I am trying to use a dataContext to populate a comboxbox but always got nothing:

EntityQuery<Tests> testQ = myDomainContext.GetTestQuery().Where(t => t == 5);
LoadOperation<Tests> loadOp = myDomainContext.Load(testQ)
comboxBoxTest.ItemSource = loadOp.Entities.Select(t => t.Name).Distinct().ToList();

Can someone tell me what is wrong here?

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You probably don't load the entities. Try

EntityQuery<Tests> testQ = myDomainContext.GetTestQuery().Where(t => t == 5);
LoadOperation<Tests> loadOp = myDomainContext.Load(testQ);
loadOp.Completed += (o, e) =>
        comboxBoxTest.ItemSource = loadOp.Entities.Select(t => t.Name).Distinct().ToList();


myDomainContext.Load(testQ, new Action<LoadOperation<Tests>>(result =>
        comboxBoxTest.ItemSource = result.Entities.Select(t => t.Name).Distinct().ToList();
    }), null);
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As you may know mostly all operations in RIA are asynch. And you should be aware of this while executing queries.
You have to use callback methods (@Zabavsky's answer has good ones) for such reasons. Also I slightly recommend you to use MVVM pattern instead of code-behind messing. This will make your code and logic cleaner.

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Thanks guys. Not a lot of experience working with silverlight anyway. Never used MVVM. This thing is just a quick and dirty fix with almost no time to finish more. Thanks again! – NewDTinStackoverflow Jun 28 '12 at 15:49

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