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I'm trying to use the curses library on Microsoft's Visual Studio C++. I downloaded ncurses-5.9.tar.gz from, and I unzipped the file. However, I can't find a .lib or a .dll file in the package. Without the .lib file, I don't know how to link my code in Visual Studio to the header files in the ncurses package. Do I need to move the header files to somewhere in my project?

Thanks for the help!

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In a nutshell: you want PDCurses.

What you did is not how to use curses at all. What you have downloaded is source code, there are no binaries there at all - no .lib nor .dll files for any architecture. Not only that, but the source code can't be directly compiled either -- if you'd have added it to a C/C++ project, even on a Unix box, it wouldn't compile.

In order to compile, curses needs to have a configure script run, that generates some files, probably config.h, perhaps other source files, and makefiles.

Alas, all that is a moot point because curses is AFAIK a Unix library that really depends on Unix APIs being present. Any Windows ports are completely separate efforts.

See also Is ncurses available for windows?.

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Thank you very much! – user1487170 Jun 28 '12 at 12:51

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