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I am working with DrawingVisual in WPF and want to make some Effect.

Is it possible to brush a DrawingVisual with any brushes? That means:

Suppose I have a DrawingVisual:

DrawingVisual myVisual = new DrawingVisual();


No matter how I draw, I want to make the whole visual to be in a color brush at the end.

something like: drawingcontext.drawvisual(myVisual, Brushes.Red) ??

Thank you.

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A DrawingVisual is not itself a drawing object that can be filled with a Brush or outlined with a Pen. Instead it is a container for Drawing objects (and for other visuals, since it is also a ContainerVisual).

If you want to "fill" a DrawingVisual with a "background" brush, you would have to draw an appropriate Drawing, e.g. a large enough filled rectangle.

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