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I have a UITableViewController that does location searches in multiple places in my app, so I've subclassed it for each screens needs. That part works great.

However, this BaseClass is actually a subclass of PullToRefresh table view controller, and the problem is that when I pull to refresh, the [self stoploading] method is called, but it goes to the wrong controller.

Viewcontroller inheritance tree:

PulltoRefreshTableViewController : BaseViewController : IndivSearchViewController

Meaning, if I call a screen that subclasses Baseclass, then call a second subclassed screen, and then return to the first screen and then PullToRefresh, I can see in the stack trace that the second subclassed viewcontroller is actually getting that method call, not the first.

It will always work the first time, but as soon as I put another subclassed screen onto the stack, any attempts to refresh the first screen always show the second screen being called.

PullToRefreshController: https://github.com/leah/PullToRefresh

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Are you calling super? –  CodaFi Jun 28 '12 at 4:38
No, I am calling self. [self stopLoading] –  beeudoublez Jun 28 '12 at 15:19

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